CREATE Overview

CREATE is a multidisciplinary and collaborative center founded in 1999. It is dedicated to ensure that the benefits of technology can be realized by older adults to support and enhance the independence, productivity, health, safety, social connectedness and quality of life of older people.

The center strives to develop and evaluate interventions and design solutions to promote successful technology adoption among older adults.

CREATE represents a consortium of five universities:



Wednesday, February 10, 2021

CREATE's Dr. Charness recently presented a keynote address at the (eng)aging! virtual conference on aging, a conference focused on technologies for active and independent living in older age. More specifically, the conference " organized in the frame of the long-term (eng)aging! project, which aims to foster society-wide debate about the accelerating demographic change and population aging. The project aims to stimulate a constructive discussion about these trends and to look for ways to make use of them for the benefit of the society. To learn more about the conference, click here!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

CREATE is very excited about an upcoming collaboration with SMART-AGE, a German study funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation which involves equipping two groups of older adults with a combination of intelligent assistance systems. SMART-AGE will make an attempt to replicate the CREATE team's previous and encouraging findings from the PRISM trial. Overall, the SMART-AGE platform aims to help each participant find the way of living appropriate to their needs.

In the words of Professor Wahl, a senior professor in the Network Aging Research (NAR) at Heidelberg University and one of the SMART-AGE research project leaders:
We regard this collaboration as unique and highly promising, because it builds on an existing long-standing cooperation between CREATE and my research team at Heidelberg University. Even more important, we aim in tandem to build an international research alliance toward helping older adults to make full use of digital technology and media for their quality of life. CORONA recently has unraveled how urgent this challenge indeed is.”

For more on this upcoming collaboration, click here!

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

CREATE PI Neil Charness was one of the first individuals over the age of 65 to receive the COVID-19 vaccine at Florida State University and was interviewed about his experience. To read more about the event, click here! Make sure to stay aware of when and where you are able to receive the vaccine in your local area so we can do our part to fight this pandemic!

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