PRISM (Personal Reminder Information & Social Management) System

blue text reading PRISM

Technology has the potential to improve the independence and quality of life for older people by providing access to information and services, enhancing access to health care services, augmenting memory functioning, and providing increased opportunities for social interaction, recreation, and education. The goal of this study is to evaluate an easy to use computer-based system, called Personal Reminder Information & Social Management System (PRISM). PRISM was designed to support social connectivity, memory, skill building, and access to community resources. We conducted a field trial with PRISM to examine the impact of such a system on older adults for factors such as social isolation, well-being, computer attitudes, and technology adoption (Czaja et al., 2015). We have developed PRISM 2.0 and are now testing it in the field.

Relevant PRISM 1.0 Publications:

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