Specific aims

The aims of CREATE IV are to:

  • Examine issues regarding use of technology among diverse samples in living, work and healthcare settings.
  • Gather systematic data on technology access and use on the wellbeing and quality of life of older adults.
  • Develop guidelines, strategies and technologies that foster successful technology adoption among older adults.
  • Further our understanding of how user characteristics and psychosocial factors influence technology adoption.
  • Expand our database on the needs and preferences of older people for a range of technologies.
  • Promote collaborations among researchers, community agencies, business/industry, and government.
  • Foster the training of students and promote new areas of research in aging and technology.
  • Disseminate findings to the scientific, service, and design communities, older adults and policy makers.
  • Develop principles and protocols to aid the development, implementation and evaluation of technology.
  • Inform current public policy debates surrounding issues related to aging and technology.